Wildfire response

Last updated October 26, 2016

The Government of Alberta’s wildfire recovery website continues to provide up-to-date information of interest to all residents.

WBHDC is pleased to announce that all its buildings have been cleared to be re-occupied by returning tenants.  WBHDC finished the clean-up of the common areas in all its buildings in July. In some cases, particularly units that have been unoccupied over the summer, cleaning is still underway on individual rental units.

If your unit has not been cleaned following the wildfire, you may still arrange with WBHDC’s insurance adjustor, Crawford Canada, to have your personal contents cleaned at the same that WBHDC cleans your unit. This will speed up your return to your unit. Call 1-888-611-1831 to provide your name, telephone number, address and unit number, and insurance information (insurer, adjustor, claim number if available). Please call this number even if you do not have insurance.

Resident re-entry information

Information centres have closed; returning residents seeking additional information may visit the RMWB’s Future Forward Centre at 9717 Franklin Avenue during regular business hours from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

All evacuees should have registered with the Red Cross – no matter where they are currently. This will help ensure you have access to the services you may need, including access to emergency financial assistance. Register online at RedCross.ca or by phone at 1-888-350-6070. Residents are also asked to notify the Red Cross when they return to the community.

A re-entry information library is available online from the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.

Temporary housing solutions

Emergency financial assistance

Details for all financial assistance, social support, employment and small business support and tax relief programs are available on the Alberta government wildfire recovery website.

Education and childcare

Fort McMurray schools and Keyano College reopened in September and are pleased to welcome new and returning students.

Lessons from 2011 Slave Lake fire

As residents attempt to restore normalcy in wildfire affected communities in Wood Buffalo, they may find Wisdom Gained helpful. The document, published by the town of Slave Lake, makes key observations that may help you to cope better with your emotions and expectations as the recovery efforts are underway. Click here to download a copy of Wisdom Gained.