Affordable GAP rental housing – Fort McMurray

The average household income in Wood Buffalo is considerably higher than it is in most Canadian communities – but not every household in Wood Buffalo is ‘average.’  Lots of working people have incomes that would be adequate to pay housing costs elsewhere in Canada that are not quite sufficient for market rates in Wood Buffalo.  These same people keep our community functioning day-to-day – as sales clerks, restaurant and hospitality workers, public sector employees, casual labourers and more – and we cannot do without them.  Our community needs them.

WBHDC administers affordable housing programs that “bridge the gap” between subsidized social housing for low-income families and individuals and market-priced housing.  WBHDC owns and operates affordable housing complexes across Wood Buffalo for low and middle income individuals, families and seniors.  Affordable GAP rental housing is typically priced 10 to 20 percent below market rates.  Applicants are usually placed in available housing on a first-come, first served basis, though flexibility may be exercised for those in extreme need.

The Canada Mortgage and Housing and Corporation identifies market rates for a wide variety of housing in many communities across Canada.  Its April/May assessment for the Wood Buffalo region provides the benchmark that is the basis for our affordable GAP rental rates in the following calendar year.  Eligibility for affordable GAP rental housing is determined based on annual income qualifications.

This means our well-built, well-maintained rental townhouses, duplexes, and one- to three-bedroom apartments in Fort McMurray have fixed, affordable rental rates on a one-year lease that don’t change with the size of your pay cheque. They are a good option for qualifying working people who can count on a steady income.  A special partnership program also exists to help public sector employees find affordable housing.

Income qualifications apply for all affordable GAP rental properties.  Residents execute a one-year, fixed rate lease.  Except where otherwise noted, WBHDC buildings do not allow pets.


Maximum annual household income thresholds are in place for each available affordable GAP rental unit.  These thresholds are set for the calendar year and are reviewed annually.

Tenants must be Canadian citizens or landed immigrants.

For more information about affordable GAP rental housing in Fort McMurray, contact our Applications Office.

Suite 203, 10020 Franklin Avenue
Fort McMurray, AB   T9H 2K6
Phone: (780) 743-4140
Toll-free in Wood Buffalo: 1-888-799-4050
Fax: (780) 715-1547
Office hours: Monday through Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

To download an affordable GAP rental housing application, click the link below.  The application is the same for both Fort McMurray and rural affordable GAP housing.

Affordable GAP Rental Housing Application form

Affordable GAP rental housing – Fort McMurray portfolio

Affordable GAP rental housing Built Units Program Details Vacancy
Edgewater Court 2002 166 GAP/ social 149 one-, two- and three-bedroom rental apartments; 17 3-bedroom rental townhouses. Disabled access. Y
Horizon View 2004 129 GAP 109 one-, two- and three -bedroom rental apartments; 20 3-bedroom rental townhouses Y
Meadow Creek Village – Breakwater 2007 105 GAP 105 studio, one-, two- and three-bedroom rental apartments Y
Meadow Creek Village – Cascades 2010 40 GAP 40 studio, one-, two- and three-bedroom rental units in 8-plex townhouses Y
Meadow Creek Village – Creekside 2008 36 GAP 36 three- and four-bedroom rental townhouses. Disabled access. Pet-friendly. Y
Meadow Creek Village – Delta 2007 57 GAP/ social 57 three- and four-bedroom rental townhouses.  Disabled access. Pet-friendly. Y
Meadow Creek Village – The Shores 2009 38 GAP 38 one- and two-bedroom rental apartments Y
Prospect View 2007 90 Public Sector Partner-ship 50 one-, two- and three-bedroom rental apartments; 40 stacked townhouses. Pet-friendly. Y
Sandpiper Cove 2010 172 GAP 152 one- and two-bedroom rental apartments; 20 three bedroom rental townhouses Y
Siltstone Ridge 2015 156 GAP 156 one-, two- and three -bedroom rental apartments Y
Siltstone Townhouses 2015 9 GAP 9 rental three-bedroom rental townhouses N
Stony Mountain Plaza 2011 125 GAP 125 one-, two- and three-bedroom rental apartments; geothermal heating. Pet-friendly. Y
Venture Terrace 2005 40 GAP 20 three- and four-bedroom rental duplexes (40 units in total). Y