Move out procedures

Tenants must give notice in writing of their intention to move out of their unit in accordance with the terms and conditions of their lease. Long-term leases of 12 months require a minimum of 60 days’ notice.  Month-to-month leases require only 30 days’ notice.  Notice may be hand-delivered, e-mailed or faxed to the appropriate site Property Administration office.

Property Administration Office
Suite 100, Stony Mountain Plaza
115A Riverstone Ridge in Stone Creek
Fort McMurray, AB   T9K 0V1
Phone: (780) 743-4440
Fax: (780) 743-4388
Office hours: Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon; 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

A Notice to Landlord form may be downloaded below.

Tenants are also responsible to ensure that their unit is returned to WBHDC in as close a condition as possible to its state when the tenant first moved in. This includes cleaning the unit to an acceptable standard.  A Checklist for Vacating Residents can be downloaded below to help you to determine what must be cleaned or repaired before you vacate the unit.

Tenants must also contact their site Property Administrator to arrange a time to complete a check-out inspection. The Property Administrator and the tenant will inspect the rental unit together and note the condition of the unit on the Condition Report that was first completed on check-in. Any additional cleaning and/or repairs required will be recorded and the tenant will have the opportunity to redress deficiencies. Tenants will return their unit keys and parking pass at this time.

A security deposit refund or a statement of account will be sent to the tenant within ten (10) days after he or she vacates the unit.

After a tenant moves out, the security deposit will be returned, with interest according to the Security Deposit Interest Rate Regulation, if:

  • rent is paid up-to-date, in full;
  • there are no charges resulting from cleaning or repairs on the move-out Condition Report;
  • there are no unpaid charges on the tenant’s account for rent, maintenance, parking and/or utilities arising during their tenancy; and
  • there are no other outstanding charges.

For more information, see “Rent, security deposit and utilities” above.

It is important that tenants provide WBHDC with their forwarding address when they move so that any refunds can be returned promptly or if there is any other reason that WBHDC needs to contact you after you have vacated your unit.

Notice to Landlord form

Checklist for Vacating Tenants