Townhouse winter maintenance

Fort McMurray winters can be harsh and sub-zero temperatures are common. It is important to properly prepare for winter in order to avoid unnecessary damage to your unit and/or the potential for injury to you or others on the property.

Townhouse Winter Checklist

Outside taps

Tenants in townhouse units are required to shut off the water to the outside taps and drain the lines for the winter season. The shut-off mechanism is inside the unit in the basement. Close the valve to the outside faucet; then open the outdoor faucet to drain all water from the line; close the outdoor faucet. Remove garden hoses from the outdoor faucet and store hoses properly in the basement for the winter.


Mow the lawn and collect all fallen leaves before the first frost and snowfall.  Keeping the yard clean for winter will help to prevent snowmold and winterkill.

Outdoor furniture and toys

Store all patio furniture, toys and other seasonal items in the basement for the winter.


Windows should remain closed in the winter. If they are opened, they could freeze open and break the window/track, as well as reduce temperatures in the immediate are sufficiently to freeze water pipes. Any damage caused by freezing would be a charge back to you.

Window wells

Clear all window wells of all objects.  Items left in the window wells over the winter may affect drainage in the spring and could cause water to enter your basement.

Delta and Creekside geothermal townhouse tenants only

Wash and dry the furnace filter. Check it regularly and wash as needed with warm water and a mild detergent. This will not only improve the efficiency of your furnace, it may help to reduce your energy bill. Remember: the furnace filter is a lifetime component. Do not throw it out.

Snow removal

The Regional Municipality requires that sidewalks adjacent to residential properties must be cleared by the owners, occupants or tenants within 48 hours after a snowfall. This means that townhouse tenants must keep their front and back sidewalks, steps and parking stall free and clear of ice and snow. Salt or other special products may be applied if necessary to help melt ice.

Note: WBHDC will charge your account a $100 service fee any time that it has to clear your sidewalks and/or other areas that are your responsibility of snow. It is also possible for the Regional Municipality to levy a fine if your sidewalks are not kept clean.

WBHDC is responsible for all walkways in the common areas.