Lease renewals

In subsequent years, all tenants, whether they live in affordable GAP or social housing, must complete an Annual Income Review form if they wish to renew their lease for another year.  The form ensures that individuals still qualify for the housing program in which they are enrolled.  Typically, the Annual Income Review form is mailed to tenants about four months before the end of their lease year.

The Annual Income Review form must be completed in full with verification of all current income, the previous year’s Notice of Assessment from Revenue Canada, and a current copy of your tenant’s household contents insurance attached.

Once the package has been completed the document must be sworn before a Commissioner for Oaths in and for the Province of Alberta.  You may consult your site Property Administrator for a Commissioner for Oaths to assist with this requirement.

You may also download the Annual Income Review form by clicking on the link below.

Annual Income Review form