Corporate vision


A region where all citizens have access to affordable housing.


We will provide housing alternatives to citizens in need within the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.  Specifically:

  • Provide GAP and/or social housing and related services to Wood Buffalo residents, including seniors, low and middle income families, and the homeless.
  • Develop and/or manage GAP housing communities.
  • Administer provincial housing subsidy programs.
  • Provide people with the opportunity to establish themselves on “more solid economic footing” within the community.
  • Deliver assistance and training programs to social housing clients to help them obtain greater independence.
  • Resourcefully develop and manage projects that are aligned with our expertise and capacity, and supported by a sound “triple bottom line” business case: g., social housing, seniors housing, commercial projects, and revenue generating projects to enhance self-sufficiency.


  • Accountability – Taking responsibility for our actions.
  • Collaboration – Working in partnership with others to achieve common goals.
  • Innovation – Fostering creativity and taking reasonable risks.
  • Integrity – Being honest and ethical in all that we do.
  • Learning – Promoting opportunities for continued growth.
  • Respect – Treating all employees and stakeholders with dignity and respect and recognize excellence.
  • Safety – Ensuring a healthy and safe environment for tenants and employees.
  • Transparency – Being open about our business practices.

Operating Principles

  • Recognize and reward loyalty, commitment and contributions to the Corporation.
  • Clearly define roles, responsibilities, decision-making authority and accountabilities.
  • Expect leaders to lead by example and make informed, principle-based and timely decisions that are in the best interests of the Corporation.
  • Encourage leaders to build on strengths and to celebrate successes and accomplishments.
  • Use a strategic management approach to lead the organization, including a shared vision, clear strategic goals, measurable outcomes and supporting strategies.
  • Make decisions about products, services and other deliverables based upon sound business principles.
  • Keep informed relative to our market place and trends that may affect our business.
  • Use accurate and timely information management and reporting systems to support all aspects of the business.
  • Align the allocation of resources with strategic business plan priorities and measure organizational performance against the plan.