Roy Amalu

Appointed to Board June 28, 2016; reappointed January 17, 2017, second term expires December 31, 2019
Audit and Finance Committee

Comptroller, Norcan Electric, Inc.

board_amaluSince graduating with a B.Sc. in Accounting from the University of Bolton in the United Kingdom nearly 15 years ago, Roy has acquired progressive financial experience culminating in his role as Comptroller to Norcan Electric here in Fort McMurray.

Mr. Amalu has developed tremendous experience and business acumen as a senior accounting professional in many countries in the evaluation and improvement of financial processes within complex organizations.  He has been an instrumental leader responsible to develop processes and practices that maintain a high level of client service excellence.

Mr. Amalu is also a very active community volunteer and academic supporter involved in a variety of initiatives intended to support Fort McMurray and the Wood Buffalo region.